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In the year 3000 of the supreme timeline, an organization led by “Snake” discovers  “The Algorithm” which is the way to travel between time and the universe.

 “His dream was to be a god.”

With this new power, the evil organization traveled through the universe and created chaos for 250 years. Stealing, destroying, and distorting the timeline until they created a rift that could cause the end of the universe.

Due to this event, the almighty and multidimensional gods, creators of the universe, were forced to step in to restore order.  

The gods had 2 options: Destroy everything and start from scratch, or reset the universe to a certain point. The god Tarok decided to restore the universe until the year 3000 using the ancestral power called “The Matrioska”

However, the case was beyond the power of the gods, and they had freed the “sleeping lions.”

They managed to repair the universe by restoring it to the year 3000 which was the discovery of the “Algorithm”, but as a result of this, 3,000 characters were created, one for each year.

These were called the CyberBoyz.


100 Cyberboyz noted for their great technological intelligence created the “Cyberboyz Labs”, 

becoming a universal power in the production of technological elements. Over the years and the evolution of their technology, they decided to merge their body with the machines, becoming “Cyborgs”. 

In their view, they created organic and inorganic perfection.

RoadMap 1.0

The First Age



Sounds from the Space

10% Sounds from the Space

The first CyberBoyz to appear in the universe are amazed at the sounds they hear from all over the universe.

Stream the sounds of the universe through Youtube 24/7 to enjoy the best space adventures.



The Forgiveness of the gods

20% The Forgiveness of the gods

5 CyberBoyz have angered the gods and have been locked up in the highest tower on the planet of Sigarta. We will negotiate their release with them!

Airdrop of 5 CyberBoyz among all holders.



The Cyberium Discovery

30% The Cyberium Discovery

The CyberBoyz traveling through the universe arrived at the planet of Cyberium where they realized that in its depths it housed a material of incalculable value.

The ERC-20 $CYBERIUM token is created, each Cyberboyz will generate 10 $CYBERIUMS daily, which will be used throughout the entire ecosystem of the project.



CyberBoyz are Family

40% CyberBoyz are Family

The CyberBoyz population begins to grow, the first “CyberBoyz Council” is born where the future of the family is decided and interstellar meeting space is created between all the CyberBoyz.

We will do partnership with some Metaverse organizations and we will purchase virtual lands, where we will establish the “CyberBoyz Council” as a community meeting point and events.



The Lost Meteorite

50% The Lost Meteorite

Several CyberBoyz whose names they wanted to keep hidden, found a meteorite on one of their trips with a hidden message that needs to be discovered.

The hidden message will take us to some coordinates of the universe, in which all CyberBoyz holders will be able to compete in a game for 1 ETH for the winner.



Value is Value

60% Value is Value

The CyberBoyz develop a merchandising system in which they manage to exchange the $CYBERIUM on the universal market.

We will open liquidity pools for the $CYBERIUM token and for the CyberBoyz NFTs.



CyberBoyz on the Skin

70% CyberBoyz on the Skin

The CyberBoyz look for ways to trade the $CYBERIUM, they find the planet Kanaka where they find a way to exchange it for clothes and accessories.

Merchandise will be available to the community, exchangeable for the $CYBERIUM token.



Universal Genetics

80% Universal Genetics

The Cyborgs after keeping the laboratory hidden for a long time, decide to open their doors to the other CyberBoyz.

We will open the CyberBoyz Labs where the holders can participate on the creation of their own NFT, enjoying a great experience.



The "Abastos" Tests

90% The "Abastos" Tests

During one of the CyberBoyz trips between the planets, they found an ancient being called “Abastos” who protects a beautiful treasure, and he proposes 12 tests to take it away.

A puzzle game for holders where they can compete in 12 tests for the prize of 3 ETH shared for the winners.



The Awakening of the Oracle

100% The Awakening of the Oracle

The Oracle has been sleeping for many years dreaming of all the CyberBoyz adventures in the universe, but he has awakened and decides to draw that story with his own hands.

Official NFT Comic about the Cyberboyz only for holders, and it will be exchanged for the token $ CYBERIUM. Also, a physical Limited edition will be available to purchase using the utility token.


"We were born to change this universe"

CyberBoy #369  – 3230 A.C


Traveling through Time and Space


Founder + 2D Artist


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